The big site re-order

Today i started on a much needed and long delayed reordering of this site. The end goal is to g use it again, and to keep using it. I moved some of my photos around, and moved all crafty stuff out of the gallery and to the man site, as wel as adding a page for my most liked photos.

OI am not going to remove the gallery completely, but i will be using it a lot less, mainly if i have a bigger amount of photos of one day or project. But the main idea is to post them here, on the site itself.

I also plan on occasionally posting blogs about things. sometimes random, sometimes about something that interest me or annoys me. As for commenting, please do! Constructive argument and replies are fine and allowed, but its my site and i do not want any hostilities. So if all you post is hateful and very negative, or to me looks spammy, it will be removed. It is my website afterall.

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