Hello, Nice of you to come and visit my site!  I do not know what the reason for your visit is, but i hope  You like your stay in my little corner on the internet!

So what can you find here: Photos i made are in my gallery, which is a separate part off my side, but you can always return here from there after you are done looking around there.

I also post, or try to, at least stuff to my blog. this can be about anything that captures my interest, and will sometimes hold my opinion on things. off course you are allowed to disagree with me, and tell me your side of things, but if you do please be respectful. That is all i ask, to respect that it is my view on things. any nasty message will not  be tolerated and removed by me. It is my little corner off the internet after-all.

If you have something you want me to talk about or that you think will interest me, please do tell me!! (page for that to be added asap!))

I hope that if you like what you see, you leave me a little message. i like knowing people like my stuff, but if you are on the shy side and rather not post , then that is okay too. The main thing is that you like visiting here!!